Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day 2009

One of the most anticipated days of the year has finally arrived. The winds of change moved briskly into our nation's capital breathing new life into the hopes and aspirations of people all over the world. It's as if there was a collective exhale. It goes without saying that witnessing President Barack Obama take the oath of office was no less than soul stirring. It will remain one of the most memorable days of my life indeed.

But for me, seeing what our new First Lady Michelle Obama would wear to the swearing in ceremony and the nearly dozen inaugural balls throughout the evening was just as inspiring. Michie O (as I've dubbed her with a nod to the equally fashionable Jackie O) was a vision in gold. The vibrant Isabel Toledo designed dress and matching coat clearly signaled the dawning of a new day, while her one-shouldered ball gown created by Jason Wu was a fashion-forward choice befitting a modern fairytale princess.

Michie O has impeccable style. Style, unlike fashion, is no victim of whim or fancy. True style is a creative expression. It communicates one's confidence and individuality. And at its very best, inspires others to put their most stylish stilettos forward. We look forward to following in your footsteps Michie O.


Annette said...

I definitely agree that she personifies style. What I really like and appreciate about our first lady is that when it comes to style she is a risk-taker and moves to the beat of her own drum. Also as an accomplished professional and mom who is pragmatic, fashion does not make her, she makes fashion.

Yo said...

I loved Michelle's daytime look. I love that she wears color and no boxy, boring Washington blue suits! Jill Biden's evening dress I would have expected Michelle to wear. JB has stepped her game up. MichieO better not sleep! Michelle looks so good in bold colors so the white dress was a disappointing surprise.